Why we do what we do: The seven subsidiary precious possessions or Nyewai Rinchendun (རིན་ཆེན་སྣ་བདུན) are the seven Buddhist symbols which are adopted from the seven emblems of royalty in ancient India. They represent the royal luxuries in ancient times. They are known as possessions as they are subsidiary to the very special seven precious emblems of a universal monarch, which have been already discussed. However, these seven possessions are not limited to the universal monarch.

The Sword (རལ་གྲི་)

The precious sword is sharp and straight with a golden handle bedecked with precious gems and stones. It blazes with blue light and has power to impress the authority of the king without even using it. It causes fear and submission among the enemies and symbolizes justice, compassion and penetrating wisdom.

The Naga skin (ཀླུ་པགས་)

The large skin of a nāga or serpent king with golden hue, obtained from the depth of the sea is believed to be indestructible by water, fire and air. It gives warmth when cold and can cool the heat when it is hot. It helps summons the serpent world and thereby control the weather, obtain riches from the nāga world in forms in precious stones, pearls and corals and avoid illnesses such as leprosy caused by the nāga world.


The Palace (ཁང་བཟང་)

The royal house is spacious, pleasant, superbly built, facilitated and proportioned with beautiful designs. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, peaceful, inviting and very enjoyable to live in. It is conducive for happy living, good rest and sleep and is free from the suffering of death and illness.

The Robes (གོས་)

The royal robes are made of cloth of pure and very refined materials and decorated with golden embroidery. It has the magical qualities to resist weapons and fire, provides warmth when cold and helps cool the heat when hot. It is clean, soft, fragrant and invigorates physical and mental wellbeing.

The Royal Gardens (སྐྱེད་ཚལ་)

The royal gardens help the king to relax and enjoy peace with the beauty of nature. The garden has beautiful lush lawns filled with trees and plants with attractive colours, fragrance and delicious fruits. They have ponds, streams and fountains with clear water. Exotic animals, beautiful birds and fishes dwell in the garden and the cool fragrant breeze blow with divine music. The peaceful and rich life the garden reflects the virtuous work of the king.


The Royal Bed/Throne 


The royal throne, couch or seat is an object of exceptional craftsmanship. It is soft and comfortable seat to sit or lie on, which fulfils the desires of the king. It creates a sacred atmosphere and helps the king sit in royal ease and develop mental composure, clarity, positive energy and eliminates fatigue and other mental and physical problems.

The Royal Shoes (ལྷམ་)

The precious shoes are designed from special materials and decorated with beautiful embroidery and gems. They are very light, soft, comfortable and help the king travel at great speed with no fatigue. They are resistant to damage by water, fire and wear and tear. They boots help the monarch travel and carry out activities for his subjects.

The seven subsidiary precious possessions of a universal monarch are often included in the list of offerings during the Bhutanese religious ceremonies.