Thukten Zangpo 

The Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) advises consumers to insist on money receipts or any other appropriate transaction document, including warranty documents, if warranty for the product is offered while purchasing goods.

This is essential to assess the veracity of the complaint about the purpose of mediation, dispute settlement and redressal of the consumers feel cheated or wronged by a business entity and wishes to seek grievance, notified the OCP under economic affairs ministry.

However, apart from the well-established businesses, retailers, paan shops, and restaurants and bars, among others, feel all these a big hassle.

Chief Programme Officer of OCP, Jigme Dorji, said that in absence of proof of transactions (money receipts), it is difficult to ascertain the issues in the event of an aggrieved consumer. “We also look into those issues where complainant do not have money receipts.”

He said the OCP insisted that every business entity provide money receipts and exercise due diligence to avoid any trade practices that are detrimental to the consumers.

“If a business entity does not give money receipts upon customer demand, he or she can call 1214,” said Jigme Dorji adding that the office gives warning in the first event.

As per the Consumer Protection Rules and Regulations, 2015, receipts should be issued by all service providers, manufacturers, and suppliers for purchases or transactions value exceeding Nu 100 unless waived by the consumer.

Any person who refuses to issue a receipt on demand by the consumer or for a transaction value exceeding Nu 100, unless waived by the consumer, shall be liable for a fine equivalent to 10 percent of the value of goods and services subject to a maximum of six month’s national minimum daily wage.

A shopkeeper of Buddha Sports, Saroj, said that he give the money receipts only if customers ask for it.

An owner of the Sangay Restaurant and Bar, Sangay Lhamo, said customers do not ask for the money receipts and so she does not maintains them. 

Tulu Ghalley, who runs a pan shop, said she had no idea about money receipt.

One of the consumers, Yenten, said he is less bothered about the money receipts while buying goods.

“It is not the only advantage to the consumers but also in government revenue generation through accountable business income tax, corporate income tax, and sales tax,” said Jigme Dorji, adding that the office is carrying out the market monitoring and promoting fair practice in the market.

OCP received 359 complaints from June 2020 to July 2021, of which 238 were general complaints and 128 were from individuals.

The penalty worth Nu 1.8 million (M) was imposed on the business entities and Nu 0.767M refunded to the customers.