Review: With witty comical comebacks and slapstick humour, Sonam Lhendup Tshering’s Goedro Maju is one fun-filled and entertaining movie to watch.

With Phurba Thinley and Gyem Dorji on screen, one can’t expect anything but laughter from start to the end. Along with these two comedians, the lead actors managed to portray their roles beautifully.

Tshering Ongmo, playing the role of Seday, returned to the silver screen once more with the debutante Singye that played the role of Dawa in this family drama movie. Adding more colours to the mix was Dechen Seldon and also the return of Tandin Wangchuk playing the role of Tobden.

Seday, with her modern perspective in life, falls in love with Dawa who is a simpleton. They meet in Samtengang village in Punakha where most of the movie was shot. With a new company of Dawa and his triplet brothers, Seday understands the simple life led in a village, their culture and traditions and of course finally understands love.

As the movie unravels, Tobden tests the love between a modern city girl and a village boy. There are twists and turns as the story unfolds but one leaves the hall with a happy heart.

The movie is surely a love story between the two but more than that the movie befits the younger audience with its message about importance of using contraceptives to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, understanding the LGBT community, preserving the rich cultural heritage and understanding traffic rules.

Despite the perfect comical timings and humour, which dictates the entire movie, there are plenty of songs that could prove monotonous if one is not into it. The cinematography and editing is commendable.

The film has been screening at the City Cinema hall in Thimphu since October 15. The movie is about three hours.

Thinley Zangmo