The Natural Resource Development Corporation Limited (NRDCL) will transport and deliver sand from the collection sites under Sha region from June 1.

This decision, according to a press release sent by the corporation, was arrived after several rounds of meetings. “It is being done in the larger interest of the nation and people.”

The press release states that only trucks registered with NRDCL can transport the sand. “The trucks registered with NRDCL at present will be deregistered by May 31 and the agreements signed earlier would be nullified.”

It also states that all customers requiring sand will have to register with NRDCL along with valid construction approvals and documents from the competent authority.

“Customers will have to deposit full cost of sand and transportation costs to NRDCL while obtaining the sand supply approval,” the press release states. “Delivery will be scheduled by NRDCL and the trucks deployed on daily basis according to a weekly and monthly delivery plan.”

It states that transporters will be paid by NRDCL upon delivery of the sand and customers need not have to deal with transporters directly.

“The revised system has been developed keeping in mind the prevailing problems and challenges of sand distribution, hoarding and escalation in the transportation cost,” the press release stated. This would also ensure fair transportation cost throughout the year.

In 2007, sand supply was nationalised and brought under the corporation with the main objective to make natural resources ‘available, affordable and accessible.

Staff reporter