The Opposition has reserved its opinion on the fourth Pay Commission report until the Cabinet comes up with a formal report.

“Once the government formally comes out with its final report, we will thoroughly review the reports and prepare our findings and position both for public information and debate in the Parliament,” a press release from the Opposition stated yesterday.

Amid widespread criticisms against the recommendations of the Pay Commission, social media users have questioned the silence of the Opposition.  The report was released for public viewing on April 9.

Netizens have criticised some of the recommendations, such as the proposal to raise the red scarf allowance from Nu 100 to Nu 10,000 per month, saying that such moves would widen the gap between haves and have-nots.

“We have been approached by several media seeking our views on the proposed pay revision of public servants by the Pay Commission. We have not made any specific comments and requested to wait until the government comes out with its formal report,” the Opposition stated.

The Pay Commission, it stated, is an independent body charged with the responsibility of submitting recommendations to the Government. “We trust that the PC has done works in the best interest of the people and nation within its given mandate.”

The opposition, however, added that the report at best remains only recommendations and the Cabinet can submit a separate report to the Parliament.

It stated that while it has studied the report and also read the public feedback in the mainstream and social media and it felt it was premature and irresponsible on the Opposition’s part to pass comments at this stage.

“Having said that, we would like to assure all that the Opposition will perform our duty to the best. Our duty will be to keep the Government fully honest and accountable to each of their numerous pledges, among others, narrowing the gap between rich and poor,” it stated.

Staff Reporter