Dechen Dolkar

Trashigang rejected 207 postal ballots as of yesterday after opening envelope A. The dzongkhag has 16,000 registered postal voters out of 52,953 eligible voters.

Of the five constituencies, Bartsham-Songphu constituency recorded the highest postal ballot rejection, with 106 out of 3,376 postal ballots received. The constituency has the highest number of registered voters at 12,643. 

Kanglung-Samkhar-Udzorong constituency dispatched 3,673 postal ballots, of which 3,496 were received. Among these, 46 were rejected, and 29 PWDs cast their votes. 

The constituency has a total of 12,426 registered voters.

Thrimshing constituency dispatched 3,206 postal ballots and received 3,037, with 30 rejections. Thirty five PWDs vote through PB.  The constituency has 7,667 eligible registered voters.

Wamrong constituency dispatched 2,852 postal ballots and received 2,759, with 17 rejections during the opening of envelope A. Seventeen PWDs cast their votes through PB. The constituency has 9,178 registered voters.

Radhi-Sagteng constituency dispatched 2,811 postal ballots and received 2,698. During the opening of envelope A yesterday, eight were rejected, and 47 PWDs sent PBs. The constituency has 11,041 registered voters.

According to the postal ballot rules and regulations, the returning officer, upon opening envelope A, must first ensure that the Identity Declaration Certificate (IDC) has been duly signed and authenticated. If not satisfied, they will mark on the certificate “declaration rejected” and attach it to envelope B. If there is no such envelope, it will be placed as rejected ballots.

It was learned that a few postal ballots were placed in a separate box as the IDCs are missing. These will be opened along with party representatives today during the opening of envelope B.