Waste: The business community and residents of Panbang town will no longer have to dump their wastes in nearby forests. Soon the dungkhag will have a landfill.

As Pangbang town developed over the years, the amount of waste generated also grew. And due to lack of proper place to dump waste, people have been throwing waste in the nearby forest.

Ugyen Tshering, who runs a shop in Panbang town, said he has to dump about two Bolero truckloads of waste. He said he is concerned about environmental pollution, but could not do anything.

Nado, 58, said there are some concrete pits in the town but they are mostly filled to the brim. So the people in the town try to segregate waste to burn.

Nado said that Panbang town is developing with multiple highways. More vehicles travelling and coming to the town will lead to production of more waste. “A landfill and a tractor to collect waste are crucial.”

Another resident said he had no option than to dump waste in the nearby forest. “I heard the dungkhag has a plan to come up with a landfill. That is good.”

Officiating Panbang Dungpa Tshering Tobgay said a site has been identified for a landfill. The site is located about a kilometre towards Nangla and Bjoka. “We are in the process of acquiring environment clearance and the landfill will be ready this year.”

Tshering Tobgay said that the dungkhag gives high priority to the landfill because it is included in the annual performance agreement. “The landfill is expected to accommodate waste from Panbang town for about 15 years.”

Nima Wangdi | Panbang