Phub Dem | Paro

Paro vegetable market was unusually crowded for a weekday yesterday. 

Lhamo Drukpa, a vegetable vendor said that the place was empty for days. But with the news of a ban on the import of vegetables, people quickly flocked at the market to stock up. 

She was only left with some onions and shrunken cabbages. “That’s all I have. If there is a ban I have nothing to sell.” 

She said that it would take some time for the local vegetables to hit the market. 

Another vendor, Lhakpa said that although the government said that local vegetables would be available, Tsirang was supplying only cauliflowers as of yesterday. 

He said that even if farmers grow vegetables, the problem was with the sustainability of the supply chain. “Farmers can supply varieties of vegetables only in summer. What about other seasons?” 

He questioned if the government had studied the impact of the unexpected closure. “Vegetable growing season is just beginning and the stocks are already exhausted.”

By noon, the vegetable market had run out of chillies and tomatoes.   

The agriculture ministry recently announced the restrictions on import of fruits, vegetables, doma and betel leaves as a temporary measure.