Parent assaults teacher

Crime: A parent of a middle secondary school student assaulted a high school’s expatriate teacher for allegedly molesting the student last week.

According to a source, the student complained to her father that her tuition teacher had allegedly molested her on August 10.

However, the teacher said that the allegation is not true and that it was a case of miscommunication. The student, he said, was annoyed with him because of the tuition timing and fees.

The teacher had changed the tuition timing, with which the group was reported not happy. Some of them had asked him to refund their tuition fees, to which the teacher refused since he had already taught them and was left to teach few more lessons.

“I said they can inform their parents or anyone about it but I was firm on not returning the fees,” the teacher said.

A case of assault was reported to police but the following day the case was resolved among the parties. The teacher said that both parties apologised.

Principals of both the schools said they have no comments and were not involved since the incident occurred outside the campus and after school hours.

Dechen Tshomo

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  1. chopel
    chopel says:

    “A parent of a middle secondary school student…..”
    “Principals of both the schools said they have no comments……”

    Is it that the teacher and student are from different school and reporter have enquired the respective principals for their views regarding the issue?

  2. ruto
    ruto says:

    Resolved among the parties??? Very funny. If the girl was molested as she claims, the teacher should face legal charges. If the claim was false, parent and the girl should face legal sanctions as per the law. How can such incident or claim be resolved privately? Does it send a message that molestation can be resolved privately or false claims are immune to law of the land? Inconsistent laws are more dangerous than crimes.

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