Ugyen Dorji

Mongar — Due to the inadequate availability of proper parking space in Yadi town in Mongar, residents and shopkeepers are facing significant challenges.

Frequently, vehicles are parked outside shops and along the highway, leading to traffic issues in the market.

To address this congestion, the community police in Yadi implemented a system one year ago. Vehicles should be parked on the left side of the road. However, the absence of proper parking lines has led to confusion.

Yadi town, situated along the Mongar-Tashigang highway, has witnessed a rise in the number of vehicles and people, exacerbating problems for both shopkeepers and customers.

Norbu Tshomo, a shopkeeper, highlighted the necessity of parking, emphasizing that the narrow road, coupled with parking on both sides, contributes to traffic congestion and poses risks, especially for school-going children.

To cope with the situation, residents resort to parking on private land. The presence of larger vehicles, like tripper trucks, hinders smaller cars from finding suitable parking spots, creating additional challenges.

The lack of parking spaces has a direct impact on businesses, with shopkeepers having to park meters away from their shops, risking damage to their vehicles. The situation also affects hotels, as customers actively seek parking availability.

Residents express frustration about the inconvenience caused by the absence of parking space, recounting instances when they had to abandon shopping due to the unavailability of parking. They highlight the longstanding rumours about the construction of a parking facility, expressing disappointment at the delay in its implementation.

Gyembo Tshering, a bus driver, emphasise the safety concerns associated with vehicles being parked on both sides of the road, noting the potential for accidents. Despite the lack of parking, drivers are compelled to wait due to the designated area for lunch and breakfast.

Ngatsang Gewog’s administrative officer, Phub Tshering Doya, acknowledges the problem and outlines plans for the construction of a proper parking facility during the 13th five-year plan.

The identified location, just below the present town, will accommodate 10-20 vehicles, providing a solution to the parking challenges faced by both shopkeepers and travellers.

The estimated budget for this construction work is approximately Nu two million.