Chencho Dema

Customs officials at Paro airport caught an Indian male with six kgs of gold concealed in his vest.

The 23-year-old male from Patna, Bihar, India arrived in the flight from Bangkok and is a cook by trade working in Dubai.

It is learnt that his employer had given the gold to be delivered in Bhutan, but it was not known to whom. However, he was told that someone would arrive to take the gold after he checked into the hotel room.

Before travelling to Kolkata, India, the suspect had reserved a room in one of the hotels in Paro for two days.

Sources said that police also questioned the other two Indian men on the same flight since they had travelled on the same route (Dubai – Bangkok- Paro). They were the only three Indians on the flight. They claimed that they were not acquainted.

Kuensel learnt the two men paid the sustainable development fee for just one day and had no tour agent, guide, or hotel reservations.

The two Indians admitted to coming to Bhutan to promote garment fabrics throughout the investigation. According to reports, the police have released the pair.

The gold bars were seized by the customs officials at the airport. Paro police are investigating the case.

In another incident, a 39-year-old air hostess of Drukair coming from Bangkok on Sunday, was caught carrying 252 grams of gold in her hand carry bag. Sources said that the gold was for her personal use.

According to sources, she intended to declare the gold, but customs discovered it before she could. She was released on bail.