Thinley Namgay

Paro FC, having secured the Bhutan Premier League (BPL) title, is gearing up for a crucial match against Transport United FC on December 9 at the Woochu Sports Arena. The match not only marks the conclusion of the 2023 league but also determines whether Paro can achieve two consecutive unbeaten seasons.  

The encounter between the two formidable teams, set to take place at Paro FC’s home ground, is anticipated to be highly competitive. In the first leg at Changlimithang Stadium, Paro FC emerged victorious with a 2-0 win over Transport United FC.  

Despite having already secured the league title, Paro FC is determined to conclude the season in style. With 16 wins and one draw in the last 17 games of the season, Paro FC boasts an impressive goal difference of 66. In the 2022 BPL season, the team won 15 games and drew three. 

While the final game may not hold significant implications for the champions, it is crucial for Transport United FC. If Transport manages to defeat Paro or secure a draw, the team will advance to the third position, displacing RTC FC, currently with 35 points. As of the latest standings, Transport has acquired 34 points from 17 games, with a goal difference of 38. 

Even if Transport and Paro share a point on December 9, Transport will secure third place due to its substantial goal difference, surpassing RTC’s goal difference of 18. 

Transport’s striker, Tsenda Dorji, emphasised the importance of the match, stating, “It’s a really important match because we are fighting for the third position. The prize money is relatively double compared to the fourth position.” He expressed confidence in the team’s preparations, having trained for around 10 days for the crucial match.

Tsenda acknowledged the potential impact of Paro’s four foreign players in the starting 11 but conveyed excitement and composure among the Transport players for the upcoming match. 

With the second position already secured by Thimphu City FC with 42 points, Paro FC’s coach, Puspalal Sharma, affirmed his team’s determination to maintain consecutive unbeaten seasons, emphasising the importance of every game for the team.