Sherab Lhamo

People’s Democratic Party’s candidate Gem Tshering of Dogar-Shaba seized 64.2 percent of the votes and beat Bhutan Tendrel Party’s candidate Jigme securing another seat for his party in the National Assembly. 

Gem Tshering, a former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bhutan Power Corporation and engineer, obtained 4,083 votes,with 3,343 from EVM and 740 from postal ballots.

Compared to the primary elections, he acquired an additional 952 votes in the general elections but there was a decrease of 32 voters who voted through postal ballots. 

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) candidate Jigme stood third in the primary elections, getting 577 votes, including 453 from EVM and 124 from postal ballots. In the general elections, he obtained 2,276 votes,1,863 from EVM and 413 in postal ballots.

Jigme got an additional 1,699 votes, including 1,410 from EVM and 289 from postal ballots in general elections. 

Gem Tshering said, “After winning I have now additional responsibility to fulfil and serve His Majesty, country and the people as everyone knows about the poor condition of our country’s economy. So, I feel privileged to serve the country when it is needed the most.” 

He said, “On seeing the result, I respect the decision of the people of Bhutan. However, looking at the pattern of the result it is quite worrying.” 

PDP has secured 30 seats mostly from the west, central and south, and only one seat from Jomotshang-Martshala in the east. 

In Lamgong-Wangchang the PDP candidate Sonam Tashi acquired 59.5 percent votes over BTP’s candidate Kunzang Dorji. 

Sonam Tashi has seven years experience in the construction industry undertaking road, bridge, irrigation, buildings, power and telecom works; he has also stood as a National Council candidate from Paro in 2018. 

In the primary election, PDP had won garnering 2,835 votes, with 2,179 from EVM and 656 from postal ballots. 

In the general elections, Sonam Tashi acquired 4,237 votes, with 3,489 from EVM and 748 from postal ballots. Compared to the primary rounds, he has acquired an additional 1,402 total votes, including 1,310 from EVM and 92 from postal ballots. 

BTP candidate Kunzang Dorji came third in the primary elections, with 1,265 votes, including 1,009 from EVM and 256 from postal ballots. During the general elections, he got 2,880 votes, 2,324 from EVM and 556 from postal ballots.

Kunzang Dorji has received an additional 1,615 votes, 1,315 from EVM and 300 from postal ballots in the general elections.

Sonam Tashi said that, “Winning the election has been an incredibly humbling and exhilarating experience. I am honoured and privileged to have the support and trust of the people in my constituency.”

“Reflecting on this achievement, I am committed to public service, representing the people’s interests, fostering positive change, addressing community needs, and working towards a brighter future for Paro Lamgong Wangcha,” he said.

Sonam said, “The election result reflects the trust placed in us based on our proven track record, the competence of our Party President, and the strength of our party’s manifesto.”