Phub Dem | Paro

Paro will have its first public football ground with artificial turf by June this year.

Except for a private football ground, Woochu sports arena, there is no other public football ground in Paro to date.

The dzongkhag administration had proposed the construction of a football ground in the 11th five-year plan but it was dropped.

With financial support from India, Bhutan Olympics Committee funded the construction of facility and a multi-sport infrastructure for the Plan.

According to municipal engineer, Ugyen Eden, the town needed a decent sporting facility.

The facility would have been completed by December last year were it not for the pandemic.

She said that it was challenging to hire skilled labourers.  The shortage of construction materials was a major problem.

Ugyen Eden said the project would be completed before June.

The construction of a football ground with artificial turf costs around Nu 30 million (M) and the multi-sport hall Nu 29M.

Both football and indoor multi-sport halls are built a few metres from the municipal office, which was earlier used as a landfill.

Considering the huge number of football players in Paro, Ugyen Eden said that many private individuals proposed construction of artificial football ground and futsal ground.

However, she said that the pandemic had delayed the procedures.