The ongoing five-day Sherig conference at Sonamthang Central School in Panbang, Zhemgang remains closed to media because participants would hesitate to raise issues in the presence of media, Prime Minister Tshering Tobgay said, at the meet the press session yesterday.

Prime minister responded to the question from the media since the education minister was not present at the session. “I was informed that the conference would be conducted over four to five days.  The participants in presence of media won’t be able to express their thoughts. They would hesitate to raise issues in the meeting.”

He said that the most important thing that the media needs to know is the resolution of the conference. “It is not important for the media to know how the conference is conducted. It is the resolution of the conference that is most important. The resolutions according to the ministry’s report would be disclosed.”

Lyocnhhen added that the media should know that during the conference, participants would be given a workshop and training on communications, meditation and yoga sessions, team building, and leadership skills. “The sessions would be conducted by experts. Hence in the presence of media, the trainers and the participants would hesitate.”

The ministry through its facebook page, Sherig Bhutan claimed that the important element of the conference is finalising the 12th Plan for the education sector.  The resolutions according to the ministry would be disclosed to the public at a suitable time.

It also claimed that for the most part of the conference, participants would be engaged in bonding activities such as team building, communications, and leadership skills development.

The conference is considered one of the most important annual events of the education ministry where the education fraternity comes together to discuss issues and challenges faced by the sector. Around 150 participants comprising of dzongkhag education officers, principals, teachers, and officials from the ministry are attending the conference.



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