Sherab Lhamo

As the primary round of the fourth National Assembly election approaches, the five political parties express their commitment to transforming the country in the digital realm, introducing various technologies and digital services.

Securing the third Internet Gateway from Bangladesh through India, and creating high-speed internet connectivity for all users in the country are common pledges across all five parties.

Bhutan Tendrel Party pledges a new disaster recovery data centre, Fab labs, and Innovation Centres. The party promises to expand the IT Park model, encourage telecom companies to deploy 5G technology, and develop a mobile application for grievance redressal systems.

The party also promises to enhance the healthcare system through the development of a “Dungtso app” linked with the electronic Patient Information system (ePIS).

Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa (DNT) pledges to strengthen digital health through electronic health records, telemedicine, and mobile health applications. DNT also promises to integrate digital technologies into TVET sector including the curriculum.

DNT pledges also include taking services online, establishing a national digital payment system, deploying drones and cameras to monitor borders, investing in digital economy skills and digital literacy education, creating a digitised civil registration and statistics system and providing free wifi access points.

Druk Phuensum Tshogpa pledges to enhance mobile network services with technologies like 5G and expand reliable mobile coverage, especially in rural areas.

They also pledge to develop resilient IT infrastructures for efficient e-governance, establish IT parks for employment opportunities, and implement data privacy and security measures.

Druk Thuendrel Tshogpa (DTT) pledges to convert all schools into digital schools, make Thuendrel mobile application for better service delivery and invest in digital skills and infrastructure.

DTT pledges to leverage AI to enhance Dzongkha language resources and local content and enhance cybersecurity.

The People’s Democratic Party, if elected, pledges to reduce cellular talk time charges, including data charges, to 50 percent of the current rate.

The party also pledges to ensure stable and high-speed internet connectivity in all parts of the country, including institutions, offices, and schools.