Postal ballot facilitation booths in Trashiyangtse saw voter turnout of 88.33 percent.

A total of 1,603 registered voters, 723 male and 693 female, cast their ballots in the two postal ballot facilitation booths (FB) in the last three days.

From the two facilitation booths, Tshenkharla Central School (TCS) and Yangtse Lower Secondary School, 693 female and 723 male cast their ballots.

TCS saw 404 voters come to vote, 201 male and 203 female. This polling station has 224 male and 246 female registered postal voters. A total of 66 voters, 23 male and 43 female, did not cast their ballots.

A total of 1,012 voters, 522 male and 490 female, cast their ballots at the Yangtse Lower Secondary School. Out of 583 male and 550 female registered voters, a total of 121 voters did not’ turn up to cast their ballots.

Dzongkhag’s election officers said 187 voters did not turn up to cast votes through facilitation booths.

During the primary round, out of 1,624 registered voters, 719 male and 670 female, cast their votes.  For the general round, of the 1,603 registered voters, 723 male and 693 female, cast their votes.

According to dzongkhag election office, 21 voters deregistered from PBFB after the primary round.

Dzongkhag election officer, Thinley Tshomo, said: ‘‘Dzongkhag election office got application from voters to change their address to cast vote through EVM. ’’

The election officer said that a refresher course for polling officials would be conducted at Bayling Central School before leaving for polling stations on October 16.

Neten Dorji | Trashiyantse