Complaints on underweight bags true: CCAA  

Thinley Namgay


The Competition and Consumer Affairs Authority (CCAA) recently instructed Penden Cement Authority Limited (PCAL) to comply with the Consumer Protection Act of Bhutan 2012 after confirming that anonymous complaints about dispatching underweight cement were true.

PCAL was given 14 days to correct their lapses. However, conclusive evidence of fraudulent practices was not found, according to the authority. Complaints about some dealers selling cement at substantially lower prices were ruled out as false by the CCAA.

Chief Trade Officer, Gopal Pradhan said, “Failure to make changes within 14 days will result in penalties based on the Consumer Protection Act.”

The authority found that some cement consignments supposed to weigh 50 kilograms (kg) fell short by a few kgs. The CCAA concluded that the underweight issue could have resulted from errors in the calibration machine and improper packaging.

Gopal Pradhan emphasised that if the packaging is not done properly, loose materials like cement are likely to degrade.

The CCAA clarified that there was no substantial difference in weight. However, the authority stated that this should not be an excuse for any companies, considering the economic implications for customers.

Gopal Pradhan urged the public to report any weight discrepancies, emphasising that all dealers must always maintain weight standards.

PCAL’s Chief Executive Officer Karma Thinley said that the company has been following weight standards seriously, but refused to elaborate.

Meanwhile, many were left unhappy with the underweight issue stating that as a reputed company, PCAL should be vigilant to maintain the trust and confidence of customers.

Public grievances about weight discrepancies first appeared on social media around December last year when a man expressed dissatisfaction with some cement bags weighing less than three to five kilograms from the actual weight.