Staff reporter 

Penden Cement Authority Limited (PCAL) received the International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality in Brussels award in Belgium on July 9. 

The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) convened the award. 

A total of 47 selected companies representing 42 countries from Europe, Asia, America, Africa, and Australia attended the award ceremony.

PCAL Chief Executive Officer Karma Thinley received the prize.

He acknowledged the support of the board of directors, the hard work of the employees, and the dedication of our agents and stockiest in making PCAL stand through a difficult Covid-19 pandemic period and achieve such recognition. 

“Quality has always been the priority of PCAL, where all the products manufactured are certified as per the standards of ISO and BIS and this award will further help promote our product including the newly launched project producing the Aerated Autoclaved Cement (AAC) block,” the CEO said. 

The award is also expected to attract FDI investors in PCAL’s diversification projects including the Alternative Fuel Project to replace coal consumption, which is significantly going to help the environmental endeavours. 

The European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) is a European organisation established in the year 2001 with a head office located in Lausanne (Switzerland), dedicated to quality improvement techniques recognition and research. 

The society promotes quality awareness, recognizes good business practices, technological innovation, and quality achievements in companies worldwide and publicises their successful performance strategies.