… the accusation came after PM did not present the state of the nation report 

Chhimi Dema

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday called on the Prime Minister (PM) to present a “proper” annual report of the State of the Nation to the Druk Gyalpo and the Parliament.

The party stated that PM choosing not to present the report deprives people of the government’s past performances and its plans and priorities for the coming year.

The Constitution states that the PM shall present an annual report on the state of the nation (SOTN), including legislative plans and the annual plans and priorities of the government, to the Druk Gyalpo and a joint sitting of the Parliament.

PDP is concerned, the press release states, that the prime minister has not prepared and presented the state of the nation address as mandated by the Constitution. “His recklessness is a violation of the Constitution and causes a significant dent in our young democracy.”

PM Dr Lotay Tshering during the joint session of the Parliament yesterday verbally sought permission from the Parliament to present the SOTN report next year.

According to PM if he had gone ahead and presented the SOTN report to the Parliament even after His Majesty’s National Day address then it would be doing the opposite thing. “On this note, it has become a challenge to elaborate on the state of affairs around this time of the Parliament session.”

The Prime Minister’s Office had published the SOTN report which was distributed to the Members of Parliament. The SOTN report highlights activities in education, economy, employment, health, agriculture, tourism, foreign relations, women and children, infrastructure, and the environment.

The press release states that merely distributing hard copies of the report cannot be substituted for what is required by the Constitution to present in the joint sitting.

“Moreover, thousands of Bhutanese watching the live telecast are left ignorant of the Druk Nyamrup Tshogpa’s plans and priorities for them,” the PDP press release stated.