First time voters, Chokey Wangmo, 18 and Chechey 21 at Soomtolakha Livestock Center polling station

PDP and DNT win in Chukha

Chukha’s Bongo-Chapcha and Phuentsholing constituencies saw PDP and DNT secure the highest number votes.

Of Bongo-Chapcha’s 14,320 registered voters, 6,677 voted on EVM and 2,970 votes through postal ballot service.

Seven votes were rejected.

PDP secured 4,413 votes, followed by DNT with 3,139, and DPT with 1,273. BKP got 822 votes.

PDP lead both postal ballot and EVM votes in the constituency.

Of 10,737 registered voters in Phuentsholing, 1521 availed of postal ballot service.

The office of the returning officer received 903 postal ballots through facilitation booth and 248 by conventional ballot. Fourteen ballots got rejected during the counting.

DNT secured the highest vote in both categories, followed by PDP, DPT and BKP in order. DNT got 2,685 votes and PDP 2,364.

In Soontalakha polling stations, a woman who came to vote with old voter photo identity card (VIPIC) was sent back to get the new VIPIC. Election officials said her name was missing in the list.

Nim Dorji | Chukha

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