KP Sharma

With about 61 meetings, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) concluded its extensive campaign in Thimphu today, starting from Punakha dzong on December 13.

Acknowledging the challenges of numerous meetings and the demanding journey, party President Tshering Tobgay emphasized the personal sacrifices and commitments involved. Despite facing hurdles, he maintained a rigorous schedule, traveling over 17 hours a day, conducting up to four meetings daily, and occasionally covering over six to 10 kilometers in an evening walk to prioritise his health.

Most of the time, he took his meals especially lunch and breakfast in the car itself to save time.

 Tshering Tobgay stated that the challenges of governing a country surpass those faced during the campaign. To optimise efficiency, he chose direct routes, discouraged receptions along the way, and adhered to daily routines, including walks and gym sessions.

Throughout the campaign, the program coordinator efficiently managed communication between the party office and regional coordinators, ensuring candidates were undisturbed during forums.

PDP strategically prioritised campaign venues based on primary election results, addressing weaknesses in specific regions. The president engaged in separate discussions with coordinators, including those from other parties who joined after the election, to gain additional support before the meeting.

While giving equal attention to all regions, the PDP placed a stronger emphasis on the eastern region to challenge the dominant positions of other political parties.

The success of the campaign was attributed to a well-coordinated effort between the party’s working committee and dzongkhag coordinators, who were informed well in advance to arrange meetings efficiently and avoid unnecessary changes.