YK Poudel

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) showcased significant success in four constituencies in Samtse, underscoring their popularity among the voters.

Samtse, with a total of 53,667 eligible voters (27,774 male and 25,893 female), witnessed a voter turnout of 36,958 for postal ballots and Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) votes.

In the Dophuchen-Tading constituency, PDP candidate Ugyen Lama emerged victorious with a resounding 67.3 percent of the votes, securing a total of 6,914 votes (1,405 postal votes and 5,509 EVM votes).

This constituency, boasting the highest number of polling stations (19) in the dzongkhag, saw active voter participation, with 8,239 out of 12,489 registered EVM voters turning up. A total of 10,270 voters (5,417 male and 4,853 female) cast their votes, including 2,031 postal ballots out of the 2,235 registered postal voters.

In Phuentshopelri Samtse constituency, Dina Nath Dhungyel secured victory with a 68.6 percent win, obtaining 962 postal votes and 5,509 EVM votes, totaling 5,912 votes. The constituency, with 15 polling stations, recorded 8,618 voters (4,680 male and 3,938 female) out of the total 12,412 registered voters. Among them, 6,970 EVM voters and 1,648 postal voters participated.

In Tashichhoeling constituency, PDP candidate Sangay Khandu secured 64.8 percent of the votes with a total of 6,478 votes (1,331 postal votes and 5,147 EVM votes).

The constituency, featuring 18 polling stations, witnessed the active participation of 9,990 voters out of the 14,800 registered voters (5,338 male and 4,652 female), including 12,574 EVM registered voters and 2,226 postal voters.

PDP’s sole winning female candidate, Dimple Thapa from Ugyentse Yoeseltse, triumphed in both the primary and final rounds. She secured an average of 65.4 percent with a total of 5,284 votes (1,053 postal votes and 4,231 EVM votes).

The constituency, with 11,731 registered voters (9,732 EVM registered voters and 1,999 postal voters), saw a total of 8,080 voters turning up in 13 polling stations, comprising 4,310 male and 3,770 female voters.