… Kholongchu hydropower project in Trashiyangtse

KP Sharma

Continuing their campaign from the south to the east, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) President Tshering Tobgay met the residents of Trashigang and Trashiyangtse over the past two days. 

Tshering Tobgay expressed satisfaction with the party’s victory in the primary election, breaking the traditional stronghold of Druk Phuensum Tshogpa in the dzongkhag. 

He also expressed regret over various allegations against the party in the east.

During the campaign in Warmrong, Khaling, Bidung, and Yangnyer in Trashigang, Tshering Tobgay stressed the importance of electing a competent government rather than voting based on influence. 

In Trashigang, the home dzongkhag of the rival party’s president, he pledged special support to residents of Merak and Sakteng to develop the region as a tourist destination in the east. 

He highlighted the potential of Yonphula airport and road connectivity from Jomotshangkha for tourism-related activities.

In the primary round, out of the four constituencies in Trashigang, PDP won in three and lost one to BTP.

Despite this, Tshering Tobgay expressed confidence in sweeping all constituencies and assured the people of his support and commitment to delivering on pledges.

In Trashiyangtse, PDP committed to expediting work on Kholongchu Hydro power project and completing road widening within the first year in office. He addressed rumors about PDP’s involvement in starting and halting the Kholongchu project, stating the need for good road connectivity to boost tourism, particularly for the development of Chorten Kora throm.

He also promised to upgrade road connectivity to Bumdelling to boost tourism and, if elected, upgrade Bumdeling Primary School to a central school. Discussing road connectivity in Tarphel, he acknowledged previous challenges in reaching a consensus for construction but assured the community that it would be revisited if an agreement is reached.

While reiterating PDP’s commitment to building roads where necessary, the president strongly emphasized the importance of respecting the laws and security of the country.

 In Trashiyangtse, PDP won the Bumdelling-Jamkhar constituency but lost Khamdang-Ramjar in the primary election. The president will continue meeting the people in the remaining places of Trashigang today.