KP Sharma

If the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) forms the government, highlanders will be equipped with satellite phones to enhance connectivity, especially during extended cordyceps collection seasons.

This commitment was part of the pledges the party president Tshering Tobgay announced during the meeting with people of Gasa yesterday.

The president also met the residents of Laya and Lunana who have migrated to Punakha for the winter, aiming to ensure that the party’s manifesto reaches every voter for a decisive election.

Addressing the challenges faced by highlanders, Tshering Tobgay stated that PDP has a dedicated plan for the highland community.

“We will give a special place for the development of the people of la-gong-sum,” he said.

One phone would be provided to a group rather than to individuals.

This initiative aims to facilitate communication with family and the community, particularly when going to places without network connectivity, such as during the cordyceps harvest season.

PDP also committed to offering helicopter services with a 60 percent reduction in fare.

“We gave 50 percent in the past and it is still a burden for the people who rely heavily on it,” Tshering Tobgay said.

Pointing out the lack of progress on the Gasa township development plan that was finalised during the PDP’s term in the government, he promised immediate implementation.

He also pledged to improve the maintenance of Gasa tshachu to attract more visitors, boosting income for the community.

Other pledges include the construction of a well-maintained road between Gasa and Laya, blacktopping the road between Punakha and Gasa, upgrading Laya school to a central school, exploring the possibility of centralising other schools in Lunana, and upgrading the two-phase power line to three-phase for maximum electricity benefit, among others.

Tshering Tobgay urged voters to make their choice based on the promises of the two parties, requesting them not to vote based on influence. He warned that making the wrong choice could have a negative impact on the country.