KP Sharma

A college, an international market for oranges, power tillers, jersey cows, and better economic opportunities are among the pledges the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) is placing before the people of Tsirangtoed and Damphu.

Campaigning for the General Election, Party President Tshering Tobgay, also pledged developing Damphu as a tourist hub, better road connectivity, and monetary incentives to encourage families to have more children.

Tsirang’s central location, favorable climate, and available land was ideal for establishing an education institution that would also cater to neighboring dzongkhags, said Tshering Tobgay.

Should PDP win the election, a Nu. 15 billion economic stimulus fund will be injected into the economy, according to Tshering Tobgay. For the residents of Tsirang, the fund would be utilised to support house construction, provide power tiller at low interest loans, and to procure jersey cows.

The commencement of the Sunkosh hydropower project is also expected to provide more economic opportunities, and the residents could look forward to better quality motor roads.

To check depopulation and reverse the trend of falling birth rate and youth migration abroad, Tshering Tobgay proposed a government support for a family expansion plan by offering Nu 10,000 for the third child to encourage families to have more children.

To the youths, he outlined his party’s pledge to start a construction company that would be operated by youths with the support from the government.

“This initiative will help youth build their entrepreneurship skills and also contribute to gainful employment.”

A local attending the meeting said that while other party’s candidates were equally capable, the PDP’s experience as both ruling and opposition was an advantage. “But anything can happen in the election, people change their minds at the last minute,” he said.

PDP secured a landslide victory in Tsirang during the primary election and expects similar results in the general election.

Tshering Tobgay will meet the people of Sarpang today.