Chencho Dema

In Wangdue, both former Members of Parliament (MPs) from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Kuenga and Tandin Wangchuk, secured victories over the new candidates of the Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP), Ugyen and Karma Dorji.

Wangdue has two seats, Nyisho-Saephu and Athang-Thedtsho, where the PDP demonstrated commendable performance in both postal and electronic voting.

Tandin Wangchuk, the PDP candidate from Athang-Thedtsho, secured a notable victory with 4,216 votes, representing 56.46 percent of the total vote. His success included 1,336 postal ballots and 2,880 votes from Electronic Voting Machines (EVM).

On the other side, Ugyen, the BTP candidate, received a total of 3,251 votes, comprising 824 postal votes and 2,427 votes from EVM. Despite a strong showing, he fell short with 43.54 percent of the vote against Tandin Wangchuk.

In the Nyisho-Saephu constituency, Kuenga emerged victorious over Karma Dorji of the BTP. Kuenga secured a total of 5,038 votes, including 1,033 postal ballots and 4,005 electronic ballots. Karma Dorji obtained a total of 3,023 votes, with 2,247 from EVM and 776 postal ballots.

Nyisho-Saephu constituency, featuring 21 polling stations, accommodated 11,425 registered voters, including 71 Persons with Disabilities (PWDs).

The constituency recorded 2,122 in-country conventional postal ballots and 93 overseas postal ballots.