Jigmi Wangdi

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) emerged triumphant in both constituencies of Bumthang, securing a total of 3,922 votes combined.

In the Choekhor-Tang constituency, PDP’s Kuenzang Thinley secured a total of 2,476 votes, which included 606 postal votes. Bhutan Tendrel Party’s (BTP) Pema Norbu secured 1,993 votes, with 566 postal votes.

In the Chumig-Ura constituency, PDP’s Sonam Rinchen secured victory with 1,446 votes, including 435 postal votes. BTP’s Tshering Lhadon obtained 1,210 votes, with 407 postal votes.

Choekhor-Tang constituency, with a total of 6,837 registered voters (3,207 male and 3,630 female), witnessed a voter turnout of 4,469. Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) contributed to 3,297 votes in the constituency. Out of the 1,303 registered postal voters, 1,172 submitted their ballots, highlighting active postal participation.

In Chumig-Ura constituency, which had 4,312 registered voters (2,024 male and 2,288 female), the voter turnout was 2,656. EVM voters amounted to 1,814. Among the 939 registered postal voters, 842 cast their votes, demonstrating strong postal engagement in the electoral process.