Thukten Zangpo

In the general election held yesterday, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) emerged triumphant in both constituencies of Thimphu—North and South.

In the North Thimphu constituency, the former MP and PDP candidate, Tshering, dominated with the highest votes of 2,357—securing 1,946 through Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) and 411 through postal votes. Meanwhile, the Bhutan Tendrel Party’s North Thimphu candidate, Sonam Penjor, received a total of 1,787 votes—1,454 from EVM and 333 from postal ballots.

In the South Thimphu constituency, PDP’s candidate Tshewang Rinzin secured victory with 2,962 votes—2,330 from EVM and 632 from postal ballots. Expressing gratitude for the trust placed in him, Tshewang Rinzin highlighted his commitment to fulfilling his pledges.

On the other side, the Bhutan Tendrel Party’s candidate and former secretary general, Tandin Tshering, received a total of 2,927 votes—2,370 from EVM and 557 from postal ballots.

Voters in Thimphu expressed their commitment to choosing the best government for the benefit of the people. Young voters, like 18-year-old Garab Phuntsho Wangyel, emphasised voting as an individual right and hoped for economic improvements in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Dendup, a 44-year-old tour guide who cast his vote at Sisina Primary School in Thimphu, expects the incoming government to recover the tourism sector with a focus on improving tourism infrastructure.

Despite a few cases of voters presenting expired citizenship identity cards and instances of voters being found drinking at the polling stations, Thimphu recorded a voter turnout of 57.29 percent—60.4 percent in South Thimphu and 54.24 percent in North Thimphu.

Thimphu had 17,397 registered voters, reflecting a slight increase from the primary election, where there were 17,338 registered voters.