Lhakpa Quendren

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) triumphed in all constituencies of Sarpang, securing a decisive victory and forming the government in the fourth Parliament.

In Gelephu constituency, Harka Singh Tamang emerged victorious with an impressive 7,136 votes, including 5,132 from electronic voting machines (EVM) and 2,004 from postal ballots (PB). Bhutan Tendrel Party’s (BTP) candidate, Karma Rinchen, faced defeat, securing 6,202 votes, which included 4,013 EVM votes and 2,189 PB.

The voter turnout in Gelephu reached 13,338, encompassing 4,193 postal ballots, out of the total 20,389 registered voters.

Similarly, in Shompangkha constituency, Tek Bdr Rai secured a notable victory with 6,592 votes—5,400 EVM and 1,192 PB. BTP’s candidate, Lachuman Ghalley, received 4,056 votes, comprising 3,128 EVM votes and 928 PB.

The constituency recorded a voter turnout of 10,648, including 2,120 postal ballots, out of the total of 14,737 registered voters.

With these victories, the PDP candidates in Sarpang have garnered significant support, paving the way for their role in the new government.