YK Poudel

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) demonstrated a strong performance in the two constituencies of Chukha.

In Bongo Chapcha constituency, featuring 34 polling stations and 16,484 registered voters, PDP’s candidate Pempa secured a remarkable 71.6 percent winning percentage. He garnered a total of 8,131 votes, including 2,305 postal votes and 5,826 EVM votes.

The constituency recorded 8,146 EVM voters out of the 13,051 registered total and 3,213 postal voters out of the 3,433. A total of 11,359 voters (5,694 male and 5,665 female) actively participated in the electoral process, showcasing a robust voter engagement.

Rinzin Dorji, PDP’s candidate for Phuentsholing, secured the seat with a total of 6,766 votes (976 postal votes and 5,790 EVM votes), accounting for an impressive 75.5 percent winning ratio.

The constituency, with 12,665 registered voters and 31 polling stations, witnessed the active participation of 8,958 voters. Among them, 11,170 were EVM registered voters and 1,495 were postal voters. The turnout included 7,581 EVM voters and 1,377 postal voters, with 4,554 male voters and 4,404 female voters.

Chukha, with a total of 29,149 registered voters—15,727 Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) voters and 4,590 postal voters—witnessed an impressive 76.42 percent voter turnout in Phuentsholing and 68.91 percent in Bongo Chapcha.