KP Sharma

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) made bigger commitments for the residents of Phuentsholing: the elimination of the Nu 10 collection for Bhutanese entering the country at the Phuentsholing gateway and the exemption of tourists in bordering towns from the SDF levy.

PDP President Tshering Tobgay justified these pledges, citing the inconveniences caused by the terminal gate collection for frequent travelers. He highlighted the impracticality of individuals having to pay each time they enter.

Regarding the SDF for tourists in southern dzongkhags, Tshering Tobgay said that the initiative aimed to boost tourism in neighbouring towns. Highlighting the potential benefits for taxi drivers and transport services, he said, “When there are more tourists, our hotels, restaurants, taxi drivers, and bus owners will have enough people.” 

He said this initiative is vital for economic revival and to aid the tourism sector’s recovery from the pandemic.

Tshering Tobgay also committed to working closely with counterparts to ensure the safety of Bhutanese travelling on Indian highways, benefiting daily commuters like truck and taxi drivers.

He said that if PDP forms the government, export rules will be revisited to benefit exporters, and contractors will see increased opportunities with revised export regulations. He expressed his intention for local companies to collaborate with foreign direct investment (FDI) companies on joint venture projects.

Tshering Tobgay promised to upgrade Phuentsholing throm, highlighting the party’s commitment to town planning. Reflecting on the benefits of the PDP-constructed Pekarshing housing colony and Amo Chu colony, he assured the people that the government would support house construction and explore ways to facilitate comfortable housing. 

“When we help people with affordable housing, our construction sector will also benefit,” he said.

Tshering Tobgay said remote gewogs such as Logchin, Dungna, and Metakha would get blacktopped roads and maintained if PDP comes to power.

Reflecting on past experiences, a 43-year-old voter from Pasakha, Sancha Ghalley, emphasised the importance of parties fulfilling their promises and encouraged attending meetings of both parties to make an informed decision.

A 28-year-old youth entrepreneur suggested that voters should listen to both parties to choose the most suitable candidate.

The PDP President, having completed campaigns in nine dzongkhags, will travel to Haa, his own dzongkhag, today.