Sherab Lhamo

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) triumphs in Haa with 4,141 Votes.

In Sombaykha, PDP president Tshering Tobgay secured 2,337 votes, with 1,596 through electronic voting machines (EVM) and 741 through postal ballots.

The Bhutan Tendrel Party (BTP) candidate, Sonam Peljore, acquired a total of 278 votes, with 214 from EVM and 64 from postal ballots.

The constituency, with 4,420 registered voters, witnessed a commendable 62.88 percent voter turnout.

The gender distribution in Sombaykha consists of 1,278 male and 1,337 female voters, totaling 2,615 voters. Of these, 1,810 votes were acquired from EVM, and 805 from postal ballots.

In Bji-Katsho-Eusu, PDP candidate Lhendup Wangdi garnered 1,804 votes, with 1,367 from EVM and 437 from postal ballots. The constituency, with a total of 4,420 registered voters, saw BTP candidate Tshering Dorji acquire a total of 1,116 votes, with 855 from EVM and 311 from postal ballots.

The voter turnout for Bji-Katsho-Eusu stood at an impressive 67.19 percent.

The gender distribution in this constituency includes 1,382 male and 1,588 female voters, totaling 2,970 voters. Of these, 2,222 votes were acquired from EVM, and 748 from postal ballots.