Neten Dorji

Trashigang – By 2025, devotees will no longer have to worry about heat and rain during moenlam chhenmo in Trashigang.

Site development of the hall started a month ago below the National Housing Development Corporation colony. The hall is expected to accommodate about 5,000 devotees.

Other facilities like a kitchen, 12 toilets and other necessary amenities will be constructed.

Trashigang Dzongdag Ugyen Dorji, who is also chairman of dzongkhag moenlam chhenmo, said the infrastructure would help promote religion and reduce unnecessary expenditure. 

“The dzongkhag administration has been spending a large amount of money on preparation of moenlam chhenmo annually. And, it is inconvenient to conduct it annually on the school playground,” said the dzongdag. 

The moenlam chhenmo committee decided to construct a hall after repeated requests from the public.

“We are providing opportunities to local business owners. They can contribute materials, funds, and other necessary requirements, “ said dzongdag. 

The dzongkhag administration has been looking for a proper place to construct tshokhang since 2019. 

“Whenever there is a gathering, the people ask for a dedicated hall. I therefore felt the need for the hall and asked the engineering section to work on it,” said Ugyen Dorji. “I hope that once the construction of the facility is completed, it can be used for many other public activities.”

The hall is being constructed on about 1.18-acre State land.