Is the People’s Democratic Party concerned by the emergence of new political parties?

Works and Human Settlement Minister Dorji Choden said that the government is too busy meeting the targets of the 11th Plan. “We are busy with our work, actually. I don’t see any reasons for us to be nervous.”

The minister said political parties would come as the country parliamentary elections near. “Formation of political parties and campaigning are part of our political process.”

The government’s mandate, the minister said, was to accomplish the targets of the 11th Plan. “We still have a year to complete our term. Our aim is to achieve the 11th Plan targets.”

But, she added, the party secretariat is working on the party’s strategy for the upcoming elections. The priority of the government, however, is to deliver the mandate of the people, she said.

What is important for the people, according to her, is to watch for whether the government is able to deliver its promises and meet the 11th Plan targets.

Health Minister Tandin Wangchuk said that although elections come every five years, it is more important for the government to deliver what the people have voted for.

“Instead of going on a campaign mode, we will focus on the 11th Plan targets during the final year of our tenure,” he said. “We think that people will judge us on the basis of our performance,” he said, adding that three months would be enough for the ruling party to campaign.

Education Minister Norby Wangchuk said: “In fact, we have been campaigning for the last four years. The best way to campaign is to serve the country well.”

He said that the government is working on handing over a “very good economy” to the people.

Staff Reporter