Agriculture: There is an acute shortage of vegetables in Lhuentse.

Sangay Chozom, 54, who runs a shop in Phaling town, Lhuentse, said the situation is very difficult.  Farmers bring vegetables to the market only about twice a week.

Jigme Zangmo, a housewife, said the vegetable market above Phaling town remained empty most of the time. “I don’t understand why there’s no permanent vegetable sellers.”

Khandu Zangmo, 29, said that getting fresh vegetables has always been a problem.  In the absence of local growers, vegetables are imported, but even that is not enough for the town.

Karma Choden, 37, said that it would be a lot easier for everyone if there were permanent vegetable sellers or vendors in one place.

Manila, a farmer from Khoma, said people do grow vegetables but there is no place for them to sell the vegetables. “They have to walk long distance carrying vegetables on their back.”

Dorji, Lhuentse’s agriculture officer, said the dzongkhag constructed a shed for local vegetable sellers in Nagkaythang after no vendor turned to sell vegetables at Phaling.

While the town is facing shortage of vegetables, farmers’ groups are doing well by supplying vegetables to the dratshang and schools.

“The town is facing shortage of vegetable because of small population. Another reason is because of distance,” said Dorji.

By Tashi Phuntsho, Lhuentse