With the country going to the polls today, the border gate at Phuentsholing will remain sealed until 6pm today. The border was sealed after 6pm yesterday.

Around 5:30pm yesterday, the Indian vehicles and workers working in Phuentsholing rushed to leave the border town before the exit gate was closed.

However, with vehicles stuck in traffic, the border gate remained open for sometime after 6pm.

Superintendent of police in Phuentsholing, Wangdala said Phuntsholing is a commercial hub with many non-Bhutanese workers.

Closing the gate exactly at 6pm could strand the people and vehicles of both sides, he said.

“Some tourists who have been travelling from Paro and Thimphu also could not make it on time and some vehicles may have been late due to mechanical failure. So we do consider and let them exit,” he said.

Today no vehicle and people will be allowed to enter or exit unless the Bhutanese staying over the boarder need medical emergencies.

Nim Dorji | Phuentsholing