TCC pumped in Nu 20 M to redress the border town

Facelift:  Phuentsholing town is getting a new look altogether. It is no more that dusty, unpretty and vastly congested border town south of the country.

Tashi Commercial Corporation (TCC) sponsored the first phase of landscaping projects to commemorate the 60th birth anniversary of The Fourth Druk Gyalpo. Two more phases will follow.

The main road of the town where there used to be a thin divider now is a thin, long stretch where flowers grow. The stretch goes on until the Mani Dangrim below the thromde office of the town. Visitors coming to the town after a long gap readily approve of this new face of the town.

TCC contributed Nu 20 million for this project that was launched on November 10, 2015.

Kencho Dorji, a businessman from Tsimasham, said the improvement is beautiful and should be an example of philanthropy and community participation.

“I was surprised by the change this town had embraced. I hope the thromde does the maintaining work,” said Kencho Dorji. He added that other towns could borrow this idea to give life to setting and their town infrastructure.

And further down you go, there is a space near the gate where people can rest on the benches, the design of which has admirably retained traditional look. Flooring is done with fine white and grey stone slabs. There is a space about the same size created for the same purpose near the police office. In the evenings, people can be seen sitting on the benches here, and talking away while they rest.

Up north, at the intersection at the mouth of the town, a concrete pavilion has been constructed for traffic controller. It is red, airy, small and beautiful. At its base grow flowers, green, yellow and red.

Norbu Gyeltshen, a town resident, said this gives the town a quaint look. “I never imagined such changes could be possible in this town. Now I know that if we have the will to create, there will always be space.”

At this time in winter, the park opposite fuel station is a place where young people sit and chat. It is also the favourite spot where pilgrims heading to Bodhgaya and those returning while their time away with their friends and family.

“It a good change, a change we are proud of,” said Norbu Gyeltshen.

It’s now a different town, said TCC’s deputy managing director (P&A), Passang Dorji. “You get a different feeling when you enter Phuentsholing. It looks beautiful.”

Passang Dorji said that a staff has been employed to take care of flowers because winter is a difficult month for many flower species. A thromde staff has also been trained in gardening and care.

The good thing is that more is coming. The town beautification project has just begun. Two more phases of the project is expected to make Phuentsholing one of the most pleasant and habitable towns in the country.

TCC had worked out designs for the remaining phases of the project with a Singaporean consultant firm, One Degree North Landscape Architect Pte Ltd, and has submitted them to the thromde.

Rajesh Rai, Phuentsholing