Hundreds of devotees are attending the Tshedrup or long life prayer presided over by His Eminence Kathok Situ Rinpoche at the National Memorial Vhoeten in Thimphu. About 80 monks of Kathok Yoesel Samtenling monastery at Baylangdra in Wangdue, which is the main seat of His Eminence, are performing the prayer that began yesterday.

Tshedrup is a prayer that is associated with long life through the blessings of Buddha Amitayus or Buddha of “limitless life” who is Buddha Amitabha (celestial Buddha) in Sambhogakaya form. This teaching is called Lama Ringzin Dupai Tshedrup or Vase of Vital Amrita. During the eight-day prayer, special blessing, which is called Tshe Gug or revitalising the life force is performed twice a day. In the Vase of Vital Amrita, the lama (guru) or the main deity is the union of Buddha Amitayus and Guru Rinpoche.