PM meets Swedish Special Representative for Environment Issues

Visit: The Special Representative for Environment Issues, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden Lena Ek called on Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay yesterday in Thimphu.
The Special Representative said that a meaningful dialogue would benefit both countries in coming up with measures to combat climate change, address challenges of urbanization and support forest conservation.
They agreed that the two countries needed to cooperate on issues of mutual interests and set a role model in fighting climate change, particularly in areas of forestry and conservation.
Lyonchoen conveyed that Bhutan could draw vital lessons from Sweden’s progress and said that Bhutan has benefitted a lot from goodwill, guidance and direct support from Sweden since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1985.
Ambassador of Sweden to Bhutan Harald Sandberg and Second Secretary from the Embassy of Sweden in New Delhi Mikael Johansson accompanied Lena Ek.

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  1. logical
    logical says:

    Bhutan has no need to participate in global policies and acts that are more AMBIGUOUS than real in nature. However, if there are any baits for particiipants, they should be taken making sure about own safety.
    Season changes, climate changes etc. should continue by natural order and not by dictating terms artificially for how they should happen.
    To the best of my personal logic, this is most convoluted idea of the global conspirators to hide different agenda in which Bhutan will not reap benefits. Peace.

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