MTR: Describing target as “unrealistic and too high,” Samdrupjongkhar Dzongdag Gholing Tshering during the 11th Plan mid-term review that was held yesterday, requested government to revise the target of the dzongkhag’s five key performance indicators (KPI).

Gholing Tshering requested the government to reduce the dzongkhag’s wheat production target to 130 metric tonnes (MT) from 200MT; onion production from 99MT to 40MT, potato production to 1,500MT from 3,000MT and chilli production to 350MT from 650MT.

Lyonchoen did not approve the proposal and, instead, asked the dzongkhag to work hard and find ways to achieve the targets.

“If achievement of target is impossible to achieve, it can be discussed and we will look into the matter,” said Lyonchoen.

The two activities worth Nu 16 million that was proposed to be dropped from the 11th Plan was approved, but Lyonchoen rejected the dzongkhag’s proposal to drop rainwater harvesting programme worth Nu 1 million.

Lyonchoen suggested utilizing and allocating the budget in one of the chiwogs in Wangphu to solve the water shortage that was raised during his visit.

Lyonchoen also approved incorporation of three new activities in the 11th Plan worth about Nu 12 million for supply of plants and equipment for non-wood forest products, construction of irrigation channels at Namchazor and Rongchuthang in Langchenphug, which is aimed to increase cereal crop production.

Of the total 56 KPI under dzongkhag’s key result areas, 24 have been achieved, 24 are on track, and eight at risk.

Some of the dzongkhag’s achievements were 9,140MT of maize production against the target of 8,359MT, 160MT of mustard production against 145MT target, and 1,650 farmers were trained on organic farming under the indicator to enhance rural household income and food sufficiency.

Except for Lauri, all the gewogs in the dzongkhag are connected with farm roads.

In livestock sector, the dzongkhag generated Nu 2.4 million from the sale of non-wood forest products.

Production target for paddy, wheat, ginger and establishment of commercial fish farms are on track and will be achieved within the plan, said Gholing Tshering.

Of the total 843.089 million budget, Nu 193.06 million has already been utilized.  Excluding education, that is.

Lyonchoen stressed on the development and renovation of religious monuments, which the dzongkhag achieved 14 out of the 44 target.

“This is a concern because two financial years have already completed. So, dzongkhag should work hard to achieve the target,” said Lyonchoen

Yangchen C Rinzin,  Samdrupjongkhar