Chencho Dema

Punakha – On September 8, during a routine drug check conducted by the police in Lobesa, Punakha, a 27-year-old man was arrested and detained when police discovered 468 pieces of SP+ in his possession.

The illegal substances were concealed in a black plastic and hidden inside his pants.

A drug test confirmed his consumption of narcotics. Given the substantial quantity of contraband, he stands to face charges related to illicit drug trafficking.

The suspect hails from Wangdue.

During the course of the investigation, authorities uncovered a video clip on the suspect’s phone showing a leopard skin. The suspect claimed that he had stumbled upon a deceased leopard while leading his cow through the forest and had taken the skin back to the village.

Sources reported that forest officials were unable to locate the leopard skin, as the suspect insisted he had hidden it in one of the caves in his village before leaving for Thimphu to find a buyer. Upon his return, the skin had mysteriously disappeared, he said.

The suspect confessed to his actions and agreed to pay the associated penalty.

The case has been charged under Section 181 of the Forest Act 2023, with the suspect facing a fine of Nu 10,000. Additionally, the equipment used to kill the leopard and the leopard skin will be seized.

It has come to light that the man acted alone and did not disclose the identities of any associates. However, one of his friends inadvertently captured the leopard skin on camera while standing near it.

Sources confirmed that forest officials are actively seeking the suspect’s friend for further interrogation.

The case is being investigated.