Crime: Thimphu Police arrested three men aged between 34 and 38 who gang raped a 31-year-old woman on August 13.

A woman who was in a car waiting for her sister saw the three men taking the woman to an enclosed area made of CGI sheets near the Centenary Farmer’s Market in Thimphu.

According to the woman’s statement to police, she initially thought the men were helping the victim since she looked drunk to her. She began to doubt after one of the men was seen coming out to check if anyone was around.

The woman’s sister saw the men committing the crime and reported it to police.

“The complainant took a picture of the men when they jumped over the fence and escaped the scene,” the official said. “That helped us arrest them.”

The victim was under the influence of alcohol when the incident occurred.

The medical report confirmed that the victim had been raped. The victim was found dead in her house on August 15. Police investigation found that the victim was suffering from a heart disease.

In another case, a woman in her mid-twenties on July 29 reported to police that she was forced to sniff dendrite and was gang raped on the way to Kuenselphodrang in Thimphu. However,  an investigation found that the woman, who is addicted to sniffing adhesives, had made up the story.

Dechen Tshomo