Chhimi Dema 

Police in Gedu and Thimphu detained eight people for allegedly trafficking controlled substances and seized 35,584 capsules of spasmo proxyvon plus (SP+) and 470 N10 tablets.

According to police sources, Gedu Police seized 17,400 SP+ capsules and 470 N10 tablets in a black plastic bag, which was hidden inside a new water tank on a vehicle bound for Thimphu during a surprise inspection on June 14.

Police arrested the three men and a woman involved in this case and even published their photos on their Facebook page.

Following the drug bust, Thimphu police seized 18,184 SP+ capsules in two suitcases from Jungshina and arrested four people including two women. Their photos were, however, not published.

Police sources said the persons involved in the two cases are aged between 22 to 56 years.

Kuensel learnt that one of the men arrested from Jungshina is one of the main dealers, who had absconded the country.

Police are investigating the case.