Police  caught them after digging a two-metre tunnel under a bed

Chencho Dema 

The idea was good, straight from an action thriller movie, when six inmates tried to escape jail by digging a tunnel. But the execution was bad. They were caught even before they could complete tunnelling more than two metres.

On January 14, six inmates residing in a hostel within the prison facility in Chamgang, Thimphu, planned a scheme to dig a tunnel beneath an empty bed to escape. They started tunnelling using wooden planks of the bed. But they got busted when police found the secret tunnel during the surprise check the next day on January 15.

Authorities at Chamgang are currently investigating the case. Police officers said that the inmates tried excavating a tunnel beneath a vacant bed in the room. But the plan failed as during a surprise check the next day, police found fresh dirt beneath the bed. Upon further inspection, they discovered an excavated hole.

Prison officials became aware of the escape plan and swiftly intervened, preventing any further progress. The six prisoners were instantly moved to different rooms. Their room has been locked for now. Police are trying to ascertain the full extent of the prisoners’ activities and said that the prisoners will be dealt with according to the Prison Act.

The six inmates, age ranging between 30 and 50, were serving sentences for treason, rape, burglary and murder.

The mastermind behind the escape plan remains unknown, but according to police, it seems like they had discussed and decided to dig the hole as a team. Police officials said that even if they had dug the hole deeper the escape would not have been possible as there is a wall.

“It appears that they took the concept from the motion pictures,” a police official said.

Efforts are underway to reinforce security measures at Chamgang Central Jail to prevent any future escape attempts and ensure the safety of inmates.

The incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by prison authorities in maintaining security and order within correctional facilities.

The authorities are committed to upholding the law and ensuring that individuals held in custody are securely detained and take appropriate measures to address any identified vulnerabilities.