Chencho Dema

Punakha police are investigating the vandalism incident involving four choetens which occurred across various gewogs in Punakha.

On February 18, police received a report regarding the vandalism of a choeten in Damchuna village in Toedwang gewog. It is suspected that the choeten may have been vandalised during the early hours of February 17.

During the investigation, police were able to find one damaged Dzi  and three pieces of Yu (Turquoise).

In another incident on February 1, two private choetens in Gumpa village in Lingmukha Gewog were vandalised. The exact timing of the incident is unknown. The police suspect that it might have occurred during the early hours of the day.

One of the choetens that was vandalized was relocated to its current location approximately 20 years ago. Another choeten was renovated nearly nine years ago after it was previously vandalised.

Both choetens are located about 40 metre from the residence of the owner.

All the zungs (relics) were stolen by the miscreants, leaving only two silver thinkhap and a pair of old cymbals behind.

In the third incident, in the wee hours of January 20, a Namgay Khangzang choeten at Narba in Toedwang Gewog was vandalised by some unknown miscreants and a complaint was filed with the police the same day by one of the residents of the gewog.

According to the investigation team, there was no other house near the choeten except for the owner’s.

The choeten is believed to have been centuries old.

According to the police choeten vandalism has been happening particularly during significant events in the dzongkhag.