… rape accusation against the suspects ruled out 

Chencho Dema | Punakha

The Officer-in-charge of Gomtu police station has been arrested and suspended from duty for his alleged involvement in a molestation case. The incident reportedly occurred on June 3 night at his residence in Samtse. 

Sources said that the officer was charged with aiding and abetting in the molestation case because it took place at his residence.

Kuensel learnt that a friend of the OC, who had come to his residence with two girls, is accused of molesting one of the girls, who was a minor and allegedly intoxicated after consuming alcohol.

After the police completed their investigation, the case was forwarded to the office of OAG towards the end of June.

An official from the OAG said that the office was unable to comment because the case was still under review.

Police officials also declined to comment on the case. Kuensel learned from several sources that the officer is still in custody along with his friend. 

What happened?

The two schoolgirls aged 17 and 18 years, allegedly lied to their parents on the evening of June 3 and went to Suktikhola (river), considered a popular drinking spot, with one of the girls’ boyfriend. 

It was there that the girls met the OC’s friend, who took them to the OC’s residence after drinking at the river bank. They also had a few drinks when they arrived at the OC’s residence. 

The older girl went and spent the night with the OC. Kuensel learnt that both stated that it was consensual. 

After the two left the room, the OC’s friend allegedly inappropriately grabbed the minor girl who refused to spend the night with him. Then the girl is said to have shut herself up in the room.