Thimphu police have detained six people for their alleged involvement in auto-stripping cases.

Police said of the 41 auto-stripping cases that are reported to Thimphu police as of yesterday, they have managed to detain six people.

The latest arrest, police said, was made in February where a 42-year-old taxi driver was arrested. “His accomplice, who is also a taxi driver, is still at large,” a police officer said.

The police officer said any information leading to the arrest of the suspect at large will be rewarded.

“We suspect him to have been involved in many other auto stripping cases,” the official said. “If he is arrested, many reported auto-stripping cases could be solved.”

The official said breaking into parked vehicles and stealing the belongings are graded as auto-stripping and larceny. “Some stolen items including vehicle tyres and wheel drums have been recovered.”

The official said that the police alone can’t stop auto-stripping cases, as it’s a shared responsibility.

“People should be responsible and should not leave any of their belongings like laptops and bags in their cars,” he said.

The official also pointed out that lack of parking spaces could be one of the reasons for the increase in auto stripping cases in the city. “In most of the reported cases, the miscreants break into vehicles parked along the road,” the official said.

Staff reporter