Social media: Gelephu police tracked down a 31-year-old man who had posted a suicide note on a social media platform Facebook on December 25 in a hotel in Gelephu.

The man, who is an actor and a producer, in his post cited personal problems as a reason for ending his life.

More than 600 people shared the post while more than 800 commented on it.

The man’s father after seeing the post on Facebook on the same day, lodged a missing persons complaint to the Paro police stating that he couldn’t contact his son.

Police investigated the man’s reasons for absconding from home and for the suicide note.

Police found that the man was on his way to Samdrupjongkhar and was travelling with his wife, two children and his mother-in-law till Gelephu on December 24. The man was forced to leave the car half way through the trip after which he travelled in a taxi to Gelephu. He did not explain why he had to leave the car.

It was found that the man checked into a hotel in Gelephu under a fake identity. The man checked out of the hotel the next day at around 3:30pm.

“When we reached the hotel, he had already checked out,” a police official said.

Police found him intoxicated in a room in another hotel in Gelephu on December 25. The man is being treated at the Gelephu regional referral hospital and is in stable condition, a police official said.

He will be handed over to his parents.

Dechen Tshomo