Suicide: Changjiji Community Police Centre (CPC) policemen and a construction labourer saved a 28-year-old man from drowning in the Thimchhu on Sunday at around 10:28am.

A passerby informed the Changjiji CPC that a man jumped from the bridge that connects Changjiji and Changbandu.

The man was with his wife when the incident occurred.

According to the statement of the man’s wife to the police, the man left home early morning that day.

The man, who works for a private company in Thimphu, told his wife that he is at Changjiji for some official work. He was in Olakha when the wife followed  him after receiving a call from one of her friends.

“A friend called the man’s wife to tell her that her husband was on the bridge, looking pretty disturbed,” said the police.

The couple headed home in Changbandu in a cab when the husband stopped the car and got off at Changjiji. After spending some time in a bar in Changjiji, the couple walked home. The man received a call  and was talking over his mobile phone while the wife walked slowly beside him.

The wife told police that by the time she noticed, the man was standing on the edge of the bridge. She grabbed him by his jacket but he pushed her away and jumped in to the river.

The man was depressed and was worried about repaying the office money that he had used, the wife reported.

According to the police, the man had made an agreement with the company he works in to repay more than Nu 100,000 that he had misused.

The man is in stable condition in the hospital.

Dechen Tshomo